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4/10/2023: Microsoft’s quote services have been broken since 4/6. In MSMoneyQuotes, you will see an error that looks like the following "Failed to update quotes." And in the Excel Add-In, you will get "n/a" for quote values. In both cases, it's because Microsoft's quote servers are returning this error: "The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout". Please be aware that MSMoneyQuotes and the Excel Add-In are completely dependent upon Microsoft’s quote service working. When Microsoft’s quote services are down, there’s nothing I can do about it as I’m not a Microsoft employee. I have escalated the problem to Microsoft and they have an incident ticket tracking the problem for their own apps. Once they fix for their own apps, then MSMoneyQuotes and the Excel Add-In should start working again. Sorry I’m unable to personally respond to the hundreds of emails I’ve received.

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Note: This uses the same search functionality as MSN Money, I can't control the search logic or the matching results. The only difference between my search page and MSN Money's is the fact that I also expose the financial instrument information.